The two programs I have been extensively involved with both as a Board member and development fundraiser are St. Mary’s Academy and De La Salle North High School.

St. Mary’s motto is educating “today’s young women as tomorrow’s leaders.” Helping to formulate programs and raise money for scholarships has been a rewarding way to empower young, less fortunate women.


My community work for De Salle North High School has been equally rewarding. They are preparing young people who live in urban communities with limited education options, the opportunity to succeed through small classes, high expectations and active participation in their Corporate Internship Program. I have worked extensively to raise money and awareness for their program.


When I moved back to Portland in 1989, I bought season tickets for Literary Arts, Portland Arts and Lectures Series. They bring the world’s most celebrated writers, artists and thinkers to Portland and provide tickets to many schools in our community.

My commitment to the community of Portland is about kids and educating them.