Why Paint?


By Justin Riordian of Spade + Archer Staging

We would highly recommend painting all public rooms in house as well as the master bedroom to neutral colors. Here are the facts: 

•  We have no idea what color the new buyer’s dining room furniture, art and accessories are. 

•  Neutral colors go with anything. 

•  8.5% of American state that red is their favorite color. (Blue is the most popular at 35.5%)

•  The chances of potential buyers loving a red dining room are less 1in 10.

•  For every 100 people who walk into your house 8 or 9 of them will like and decide to keep the dining room red. 

•  If the dining room is neutral 100% of the potential buyers will be able to move in with out any additional work in the dining room. 

•  The three most stressful times in life are the death of a loved one, divorce from a spouse, and moving. By painting out the red in the dining room, you will make the potential move into your house less stressful for the new homeowner thus increasing your chance of receiving an offer. 

•  Of all the people in the world that may purchase your house, you are not one of them. Prepare the house to appeal to the most potential buyers. 



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