Tips When Hiring a Landscape Designer

Tips if you decide to hire a designer

1. Have a reasonable idea of what you want in your garden and how much it will be used.
2. If you see a garden you like, ask the owners if they used a designer and ask for their name. That's how Curtis Taylor was connected with Paul Taylor.
3. Check out organizations such as ANLD ( and APLD (
4. Check out websites and look at designers' portfolios. It was a photo online that led JJ Turner to Darcy Daniels.
5. Interview three designers.
6. Ask to see examples of previous conceptual drawings and if a plant list is included.
7. Ask to have a tour of their work.
8. Have the designers come out for an initial consultation to go through your garden. Tell them what you are looking for and get feedback. There may be a charge for this.
9. Do your styles and personalities mesh?
10. Can they recommend contractors that they work with regularly?
11. What is the designer's availability?
12. How long will the process take?
13. How many preliminary designs will be produced?
14. Do they work hourly or by the project?
15. Decide whether you will install the design yourself, have a contractor install it or a combination of both. Let the designer know so that they can design up or down to your skill sets.
16. Have a budget; you don't want the designer to over- or under-design the garden. Some clients don't have a budget but know what they want and will install it in phases over time as their budget allows.
17. Landscape installation costs more than most people think. If you have ever had a bathroom or kitchen remodeled, it's expensive. Now, think about what goes into doing an entire garden. It really adds up.
18. A designer can keep you on budget, direct you to the right contractor and  help you envision your landscape.

ANLD Garden Designers Tour
What: Eight gardens will be open to the public.
When: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, June 20
Tickets: $25 (proceeds benefit a scholarship program for aspiring landscape designers). For more information on where to find them, go to

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