New Restaurant on NW 23rd: Fireside

Currently burning on Northwest 23rd, this hip, new restaurant serves a combination of amped up outdoor/picnic inspired food with classic dishes.

 Owners Wendy Hessel, Sue Erickson, and Dick Singer have created  a warm, cozy respite to come linger by our fires while enjoying delicious bites and sips fueled by the bounty of ingredients found here in the Northwest. Chef Henry Kibit will be cooking up what we have dubbed "outdoor inspired" cuisine: think campfires, backyard bbq's, and pic-nics. In other words, the good times in life! We hope to be your new favorite neighborhood hangout where you can meet up with old friends, or make new ones.”

Although I have not tried a meal at Fireside, the new eatery oozes with ambiance and I look forward to enjoying a cozy, delicious meal on one of Portland’s rainier evenings.

Posted on March 29, 2013 at 8:31 am
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