Springtime at Ardley House

"The daffodils still need two more weeks, darn it, but you can see their blue-tinged green stems all along the driveway and then out in the field. There are many hundreds of them! There will be a dazzling month coming up, as the field daffodils open first and then slowly the ones going up the drive follow suit. Really, from last half of March through early Novemer, the place is brilliant. Those bountiful apple trees (with the best apples)! The thousands of asters! The fragrant allee of clerodendron! The tall Australian grasses! The magnolia blooms! Let alone the cutting garden. Even in the winter when it snows at that magical 1000' altitude, particularly having a generator and all of those woodstoves and fireplaces! Well, just the right people will fall head over heels for the place. Someone with a joyous appreciation of nature (that big sky and all the weather you can see coming, the tall evergreens, that perfect field, the birds ranging from South American swallows to owls) and a European sense of cozy real home. Someone who needs space (20 acres) but who doesn't want to be far from everything. My favorite mornings were those when the valley was completely blanketed in clouds, so it looked like we were on an island at the edge of the sea…"



Posted on March 8, 2013 at 7:14 am
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