Why Hire an Experienced Listing Agent?

Due to the low inventory in today’s market, a good listing agent will greatly improve the seller’s chances of attracting multiple offers and more favorable terms and conditions. A good buyer’s agent will have a thorough knowledge of the market in a particular neighborhood and be connected to a network of other similar professionals, and surrounded by other fully engaged top agents because that increases the odds of finding the right house because of their networking opportunities.

Sellers today may think that since there’s very little inventory, they can just put their house up with anybody. But they don’t understand that there are certain properties that are still sitting because the seller was misinformed on how to position and price their home effectively. Once you do that in a market like this, and the home doesn’t sell in the first month or two, there’s a stigma attached to that property that can cost them big time.

So again, who you work with and who they’re getting advice from – from the beginning – is very important.

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 9:45 pm
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